Secentric provides cost-effective and easy to use policy solutions that guide our customer’s cyber security program decisions and help them to fulfill security related compliance obligations.

Cyber Security Starter Policy FREE!

Every Security Program has to start somewhere. Secentric’s Cyber Security Starter Policy gives you an IT Security Policy with practical, achievable controls that every organization should implement. Even organizations with limited security technology, staff, or budget can use this policy to start making immediate security advances. Best of all, the insights and policy content are available to you free of charge.

PCI Policy Suite

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) imposes strict requirements for the protection of Cardholder Data. How you choose to fulfill these requirements can greatly impact the cost and ongoing management overhead associated with achieving and maintaining compliance.

Secentric’s PCI Policy Suite helps Merchants to achieve compliance by developing a security program that satisfies the rigorous requirements of the PCI DSS. Complete with DSS control mapping, the PCI Policy Suite guides you through critical policy decisions and helps you to develop and articulate your compliance approach.

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HIPAA Policy Suite

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) established a federal mandate to protect Electronic Patient Health Information (ePHI). With ePHI data breaches and HIPAA compliance scrutiny on the rise, information security is a rapidly emerging priority Healthcare Covered Entities and Business Associates alike. For organizations primarily focused on patient care, the struggle to understand and fulfill HIPAA compliance obligations is a common challenge.

Secentric’s HIPAA Policy Suite helps you achieve compliance by developing a security program which implements HIPAA’s Administrative, Technical and Physical Safeguards for ePHI protection. Regardless of your organization’s size or focus, our guided policy development workflow will help you to understand your obligations and ensure a compliance approach that is tailored to your unique organizational needs.

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Advanced Cyber Security Policy Suite

Security programs can be large and complex, and they are constantly maturing and evolving. These programs are typically supported through highly specialized capabilities, each comprised of uniquely skilled people, rigorous processes and specialized technologies.

Secentric’s Enterprise Policy Suite includes the guidance and controls necessary to implement and mature your enterprise security program. Secentric’s proprietary delivery platform supports the enterprise by simplifying annual policy content updates and guiding critical policy decisions throughout the various phases of your program’s growth.

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Small and Midsized Business Security

Whether your goal is to fulfill customer commitments, to protect your business, or both, Small and Midsized Business (SMB) security programs must be right-sized to common SMB staff and budget constraints. SMBs require a security program that is appropriate for the business today, and capable of evolving and growing with the business into the future.

Secentric’s SMB Policy Suite will guide you through the process of implementing a program which is grounded in industry best-practice, yet practical for your desired level of security program maturity.

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